The following notes are here to help you understand my methods, materials and pricing, and to help you to look after your painting/artwork, keeping it fresh and vibrant for years to come.

Looking after your artwork

All paints, pencils, pigments, papers and varnishes, however good quality, are subject to a degree of fading and discolouration over time. The degree of this depends on their location, how they are looked after and what UV levels, humidity, heat, pests and chemicals they are exposed to.

To keep your artwork looking its best, it is important that you handle it with care and take note of the following:

  • To avoid fading, do not hang your artwork in direct sunlight.
  • To avoid cracking, warping and heat/moisture damage, avoid hanging your artwork in areas of high humidity or directly over a radiator or
    fire, where it is subject to direct heat and changes in temperature and moisture levels.
  • To avoid damaging the surface of your painting, always use a very soft brush and/or puffer to remove dust and take extra care with textured surfaces (do not use cloths). Never use chemical or abrasive cleaners.
  • To avoid damage to framed works behind glass, clean glazed surfaces with a gentle glass cleaner and a soft cloth (microfibre is ideal).
    Never use abrasive cloths or pads.

Your artwork will give you enjoyment for many years to come with a little bit of simple TLC.

Original oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings (£260–£2000)

All of my paintings are painted on primed canvas/board or acid free paper/board, using artist quality paints and mediums.  I sometimes use other substrates such as wood panels.

I do not use chemical solvents in my oil paintings for environmental and health reasons, and personal preference, preferring to use natural oil mediums.

Care should be used when handling paintings to prevent knocks and scratches.

Some of my paintings are sold unvarnished for personal preference. It should be noted that unvarnished pieces are more fragile than varnished works, so extra care should to be taken when cleaning them and placing them. If you would prefer to have them varnished, I can do this for you, subject to suitability.

Original works on paper (£180–£750)

Original works on paper are on high quality acid free paper. Where a work is sold unframed, it will either be in an acid free mount, or posted in a cardboard tube, according to your preference. I recommend that unframed works on paper are framed as soon as possible to give them protection.

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Original life studies on paper and sketches (£80–£200)

My life studies and sketches are often created with a variety of papers and mediums. Papers that are not acid free, such as sugar paper, may fade or discolour over a period of time especially if exposed to light (this will be noted in the artwork description). They may also be odd sizes. This is reflected in their price point. They are supplied unframed for do-it-yourself framing at home.

Life studies can be reproduced as giclée prints on request (see below).

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Giclée prints: (£25–£120 unframed)

A giclée print is a high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction, printed digitally from a photograph or scan of the original artwork. The superior print quality and vibrancy is valued for its long-lasting colour-fastness, and they are an affordable way to purchase a limited edition artwork.

My giclées are printed on Museum Heritage 310 gsm acid-free, natural white fine art paper. They are produced in limited editions of 20 or 50. All are signed and numbered.

Most of my prints are supplied unframed and either supplied in an acid-free mount,  or rolled and posted in a cardboard tube for DIY framing at home. Most prints and mounts are sized to fit off-the-shelf frames.

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Frames and mounts

Most of my original paintings are supplied professionally framed or in excellent quality ready-made frames. The cost of the frame is included in the wall price of the artwork. Box canvasses may be sold unframed, ready to hang, if the clean lines and depth are part of the desired visual effect (you can of course, frame them yourself if you want to).

Works on paper, or paintings that use delicate mediums may be framed behind glass. Depending on the medium and value, I may use Clarity/Art Glass for a higher level of UV protection. You can request an upgrade to Clarity/Art Glass, if your piece is framed behind standard glazing. The  cost of re-glazing with the superior glass will be charged in addition to the artwork cost.

Should you wish to purchase a painting unframed, this can be arranged and the cost of the frame will be deducted from the wall price.

Giclée prints, some works on paper and life studies, if sold framed from exhibitions or from the studio, will be archivally framed by myself in good quality off-the-shelf frames. Any mounts and backboards will be acid-free.

Purchasing my work

Original works can be usually be purchased either through galleries and exhibitions, or directly from my studio. If a work is being exhibited, please purchase the work via the gallery (see Exhibitions and Events for links my galleries).

Giclée prints and life drawings can be purchased from my online shop, directly from from the studio (see note above), and the Corner Gallery, York, and Saltbox Gallery in Helmsley also stock a selection of giclée prints.

Vouchers can be purchased from some of my galleries or from my online shop. Terms of use apply.

Card payment is available for purchases made from my studio. I cannot accept card payments over the phone, but I can accept payments via my online shop and can arrange this if a remote payment for artwork is required.

You can also pay in cash or by bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, artwork will be available for collection when funds have cleared so please allow adequate time for this.

I do not accept payment by cheque unless you are unable to pay in any other way. Artwork will not be made available until the cheque has cleared.

Payment by monthly instalment is available for purchases made from my studio, over £200 in value, and at my discretion. Deposit, monthly instalment amounts and duration will be mutually agreed. Artwork can be collected from the studio when the final instalment has been received. Terms will be discussed and agreed with you. Galleries may offer their own payment schemes.

Commissions can be undertaken depending on suitability and availability.  Click here to find out more.

Delivery of artworks purchased from the studio can be arranged via a specialist art courier for approximately £150 (this will be quoted as needed, as it may vary depending on size and location of delivery).

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