I enjoy the unpredictability of some mediums. I’ve recently discovered water soluble graphite – a wonderful medium that goes on like soft graphite, but acts like ink when wet. Used on absorbent lining paper, it can appear wet or dry with a deep dark black. I can lift the whites back with chalk when they’ve been lost.

There’s always a moment when I think I’ve lost it with this medium, but it forces me to fight back and create marks I might not have done otherwise. I love the marks caused by the water in this large, A1 sketch. It’s dried in rivulets and the dry brush marks contrast with the wet puddles. I would never have made these marks without having to almost destroy the drawing before pulling it back. Scary is good sometimes!

Water soluble graphite and chalk on lining paper. 594 x 841 mm (A1)

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this work.