Some models are a joy to draw. A lean form creates Egon Schiele-like results. This model’s skeleton is clear under the skin, so when he lies, his bones create a landscape of peaks and troughs.

I find it’s very useful to draw someone so lean to understand the structure of the body, to see where the muscles join and overlap and stretch over the frame.

Steve. Charcoal on paper


When I draw someone who is bigger and more muscular, the knowledge I’ve gained from drawing the thinner model helps me to understand the twists of the hipbone and the tautness of muscle over the ribcage.

Dave, stretching


Here (above), the tension of his lifted arm pulls up his ribcage, and below, his weight is placed on one point, driving his weight into the ground and shifting the balance of the body over his fist.

Dave with weight on one arm

Model with weight on one arm